Let Us Help You Survive the “Fiscal Cliff”!

November 3, 2012

Time is Running Out - Act Now to Minimize What You Owe in 2013

Are you aware that you may be facing a sharp spike in taxes as of January 1, 2013? That could happen because of several factors, including the expiration of Bush Administration tax cuts and other pending tax law changes. The result could affect up to 90% of Americans and translate into an average tax hike of around $3,500 per household. Will you be affected? If you are, what can you do now to minimize the impact? Tax planning isn’t just for the wealthy. This is especially true this year with so many tax provisions up in the air. It’s always best to begin tax planning sooner rather than later, but it is not too late! Be sure to contact us for help in answering these questions and advice on all your tax and financial concerns.

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