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We believe that a good job should be enjoyable and challenging. It’s hard to stay ahead if your heart’s not in it, which is why it’s our goal to make sure  our team members are enjoying their work. . Every team member is valuable and essential to our company. A team suffers when the members’ voices are not heard, which is why we respect, value, and appreciate the input of all our team members. There is always a new perspective to consider. We encourage the expression of new ideas and solutions because they can challenge us and lead the path to new successes.

We also encourage team members to challenge themselves to go above and beyond in their work assignments. We’re there to help them along their path to further successes and ensure that their personal and professional goals are aligned. Just as we advise client businesses on how they can grow, we identify areas for growth within individual team members so they can reach their potential. We offer many opportunities for team members to grow, tailored to their specific needs. Team members can choose from a wide variety of professional development and continuing education programs.

At Patterson & Company CPAS, PLLC, you’ll find a workplace that cares about your personal and professional goals, a workplace that is willing to challenge and push you to great success. We offer competitive compensation and benefits for those that are willing to push themselves to complete their goals. We welcome those who enjoy finding new ideas to improve not only themselves but their company as well. If this is what you’re looking for, contact Melina Patterson at